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We charge fees in accordance with the German Act on Attorneys' Compensation.

You can also use the Litigation Costs Calculator Litigation Costs Calculator (german) of the DAV (German Attorneys Association) in order to obtain a cost estimate.

Support in obtaining coverage for costs under legal aid

If somebody is not able to bear the costs of litigation due to personal and economic circumstances, and if the intended action has sufficient prospects for success, the court can grant legal aid for costs upon request.  This means that the client is free of having to pay court costs, the costs for the own attorney and the disbursements for witnesses and experts.  The state treasury assumes these costs.  To the extent that the client's income permits, the court can order that the costs will be repaid to the state treasury in monthly installments (so-called legal aid with installment payments).

The court can examine whether there has been a change in the client's personal and economic circumstances for four years after the court decision has become final, and the court can demand reimbursement of the advanced costs.

You can find the link to the form for legal aid below:


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