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Specialists in employment law

Do you need help in a matter involving employment law?  Do you place value on competent advice and having an experienced attorney?

Everyone has their strength – our strength is employment law,
and this has been so for more than 25 years!

Regardless of the situation involving employment law, we will attend to your problem immediately.

We provide full service as a firm specialized in employment law.  We provide advice from the employment agreement to the letter of recommendation upon leaving employment.

We provide comprehensive, experienced know-how, result-oriented action and skill in negotiations.

You will profit from our many years of experience.  Since we provide services to both employers as well as employees in matters involving employment law before the courts and out-of-court, we know how both sides think and operate.  Let us use this knowledge in an optimum manner for you.

Professional competence, many years of experience and efficiency guarantee result oriented representation of your interests, regardless of the type of employment law matter.

Main areas in employment law

  • Termination: protection against termination – compensation claims – compensation for unused vacation – deadlines – duties – rights
  • Letter of recommendation: drafting – checking – optimizing
  • Establishing and modifying employment relationships:
    structuring employment contracts – agreements on salary and commissions – company car agreements etc.
  • Enforcement of compensation claims:
    claims for wages and salary – commission claims – agreements on targets – vacation and Christmas bonuses
  • Consulting: issuing warning letters – transferring employees – part-time work – maternity leave – workplace accidents – reduced capacity – employing the disabled – incapacity to work
  • Drafting of agreements on winding down and terminating employment

Our firm

We are a specialized firm and offer our clients a complete range of services with skill in negotiations, result oriented action and professional know-how.

We represent both employers as well as employees in employment law before the courts as well as out-of-court and, therefore, know how both sides think and act.

Our many years of experience, competence and efficiency guarantee you a result oriented representation of your interests, regardless of which situation under employment law is involved.

Challenge us – we will solve your problems!

If you would like to schedule a meeting or have questions about employment law, please call us: +49-1579-234-84-72

Or by email: info@Hotze-Rechtsanwaelte.net

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